About Our Fundraising

We have built a strong reputation in our area and beyond over the past 22 years as having the most delicious cookies available anywhere.  Our dough is made from scratch with “Love” in “Spirit” Lake IA.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  People are pleased to find that they can bake the very same fresh delicious cookies in their own homes as we do here at Hey, Good Cookies! AND support the community at the same time!  In addition to our cookie dough, we offer some supporting bakeware and our Hey, Good Cookies! custom printed apron that are great add-ons for your fundraising efforts.  


We’ve made it both easy and profitable for you and we believe our products are an easy sell with a great reputation behind them!  Here is how it works.

We offer our 2lb containers of cookie dough in the following varieties:Classic Chocolate Chip, Triple Chocolate Chew, Turtle, Sugar, Monster and Calico.  Each tub sells for $12.00


Your Group Receives up to 50% of All Cookie Dough Sales!

200 + = $6/container (50%)

36-199 = $5/container (42%)

Our Add-Ons are a Great Way to Increase Your Profits!

24% Profit on Aprons, Cookie Scoops & Baking Sheets!

Every team member who sells 24 or more containers gets a certificate for ½ dozen cookies!

Set Your Goals and Let Us Help You to Attain Them!

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Choose your flavor!

Classic Chocolate Chip

The Best You’ve Ever Had!  Serve them warm from the Oven!IMG_5198



Soft & Chewy. Just like Grandma’s! Roll them in Cinnamon Sugar for our Classic Snickerdoodles!




Triple Chocolate Chew

A chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie with Chocolate Chips and Peanut Butter Cups!IMG_5330

Choose your flavor!


A Delicious Cookie Loaded with Chocolate Chips, Pecans and Caramel Bits!



A chewy Cookie Loaded with Oatmeal, Cornflakes & Chocolate, Vanilla & Butterscotch Chips!



Our best seller! Oatmeal & Peanut better with Chocolate Chips & M&M’s!


Hey, Good Cookies! Apron

You’ll Look like a Pro in this 50/50 cotton/polyester exclusive! Machine Washable.