Get Grilled!
The Reuben… Our perfectly seasoned corned beef, Swiss cheese and lots of sauerkraut all stack up to create the best Reuben in town! 1000 island dressing on the side of course! Whole: 8.95 Half: 5.50
The Beefster Panini… Tender roast beef & pepper jack cheese piled on our fresh sourdough bread! Served with a side of our own horseradish Dijon sauce. Whole: 7.95 Half 4.95
The Oinker Panini… Thinly sliced tender ham & cheddar on marble rye bread. Served with a side of our tangy ancho chipotle sauce. Whole: 7.95 Half: 4.95
The Gobbler Panini… Thinly sliced turkey breast & provolone on hardy multigrain wheat bread. Served with a side of our delicious red pepper basil sauce. Whole: 7.95 Half: 4.95
The Salty Seniorita Panini… Our perfectly seasoned corned beef & Swiss on thick marble rye. Whole: 7.95 Half: 4.95
The Poor Sailor Panini… Spicy pepper jack, cheddar & provolone cheeses grilled to perfection on multigrain wheat bread. Whole: 6.95 Half: 3.95
The Chicken of The Sea Panini… HGC! Tuna salad & cheddar deliciously grilled on multigrain wheat bread. Whole: 8.95 Half: 5.50
The Cuban Grilled Ciabatta… Tender pulled pork, ham, Swiss, brown mustard & yes, dill pickles! All stacked up on our ciabatta bread and grilled till hot! 6.95

Get Popular
Everyone’s Favorite Croissant Sandwich!… A generous scoop, tuna or homemade egg salad with crisp lettuce on our tender flakey croissant. 5.95
The Big Spirit Special… We gotta sandwich & it goes like this… Lot’s of sliced turkey, ham, provolone cheese, our fresh veggie cream cheese, crisp lettuce, & juicy tomatoes all stack up HIGH, HIGH, HIGH on it’s own loaf of fresh bread! Its OK to eat it all, split it with your buddy or take half home! 10.95

Get Rockin’!
The Twist & Shout… Shaved turkey doin’ the twist with our homemade cranberry pecan cream cheese & crisp lettuce! All staged on a fresh ciabatta roll. 6.95
French Dipped… Tender roast beef& provolone cheese piled on a ciabatta roll & grilled into submission ‘til crisp & delicious! Served with au jus. 6.95
The All Aboard… Our homemade veggie cream cheese rocks out with turkey, ham & tender roast beef, crisp lettuce & tomato piled on a ciabatta roll. 6.95
Hammin’ It Up… Ham & cheddar think they’re pretty funny when they meet up with our spinach artichoke cream cheese on a fresh ciabatta roll! 6.95
The Corny Swissman… Our tender corned beef & Swiss meets cheesy herb & garlic cream cheese, Believe us when we say… This is NO joke!!! 6.95

Get Wrapped!
All Hail to Caesar’s Wrap!… Chunks of chicken breast royally adorned with asiago cheese, crisp croutons, lettuce & a tangy Caesar dressing. 6.95
All Cooped Up Chicken Salad Wrap… Our ever-popular chicken salad with crisp lettuce nestled in our cilantro basil wrap. 6.95
Brett’s Southwest Wrap… Tender turkey& 3 cheeses meet up in our salsa wrap to become one when grilled to crispy perfection!! A bit spicy & served with a side of salsa. 6.95
The California Club Wrap… This has got it all! Thinly sliced turkey, roast beef, ham & mild provolone cheese, crisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes & a creamy ranch dressing all rockin’ it in a cilantro basil wrap. 6.95
My Big Fat Greek Wrap… Chunks of chicken breast with savory feta cheese, banana peppers, crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes & Greek feta dressing all nestled into our cilantro basil wrap. 6.95

Get Light!
The Twisted Turkey Wrap… Our shaved turkey snuggled up with our light cranberry pecan cream cheese with crisp lettuce in our cilantro basil wrap. Tasty! 6.95
The Vegetarian’s BFF Wrap… Lot’s of black beans, fresh pico de gallo, crisp lettuce & our own light veggie cream cheese all tuck into our flavorful salsa wrap. You’ll have an instant best friend forever! 6.95
Don’t Chicken Out! Pita… Tender white chicken, Dried cranberries, celery & walnuts in a light & tangy dressing all wrapped up in a delicious pita. 6.95
Chicken & BB’s Wrap… Big Chunks of white chicken, black beans & our fresh mango salsa all tucked into our salsa wrap! 6.95

The Following Fresh & Delicious Meals are Inspired By
The Blue Zones Project™ Guidelines
••• Turkey & Swiss Meal… Tender sliced turkey with Swiss cheese on whole grain bread and pressed on the grill.
Served with our own homemade coleslaw and an apple! 7.50
Cal 474 / Fat 16g / Sat Fat 4.7g / Fiber 9g / Sodium 733 mg
••• Roast Beef & Swiss Meal… Our tender roast beef and Swiss cheese on whole grain bread pressed on the grill.
Served with baked chips and an apple! 7.50
Cal 522 / Fat 11g / Sat Fat 6g / Fiber 9g / Sodium 845mg
Chicken & BB Lettuce Wrap Meal… Big chunks of white chicken, black beans & our fresh mango salsa all tucked into crisp lettuce!    Served with homemade coleslaw & an apple! 9.45
Cal 421 / Fat 10g / Sat Fat .5g / Fiber 14g / Sodium 746mg

Get Souped Up!
We Pride Ourselves on Our Delicious Soup Selection! Check the Board or Call for Today’s Features!
Crock of soup with a big, fresh cornbread muffin. 7.95
Your choice of delicious soup in a boule’ bread bowl. 7.95
A crock of soup with warm ciabatta bread. 5.95
A cup with warm ciabatta bread. 4.50
Soup & Sandwich Combos… Add a cup or bowl of one of our delicious soups to your sandwich!
Cup. 3.25 Bowl. 4.95

Take Your Side!
Add a Tasty Side & Fresh Baked Cookie to Your Meal for Only 2.50
Sides Include:
Fresh Fruit, Applesauce, Baked Chips, Homemade Cole Slaw, Crunch Kettle Chips or Potato Salad